Saying “Yes!” To God



By Lymarie Cintrón-Wieber, RN

In 2011, God began to speak to me about leaving behind what I knew. I was comfortable as a registered nurse in New York and wasn’t planning on going anywhere. But God made it clear He had a calling on my life and it was outside of New York. I didn’t know many details, but I decided at that moment that I would say “Yes!” to God. I prayed, “God please prepare my heart so I will know it when that time comes and follow You wherever You lead.”

The details came two years later. On a short-term mission trip to Guatemala, God began showing me the pieces of the puzzle. It was also on that trip that I met my husband, Andrew, whom God had also been speaking to about trusting Him and leaving everything behind. Not only was God calling me to Guatemala as a full-time missionary nurse, but He was also sending me with a husband—talk about life changing!

When I got back to New York, I began thinking about my school loans. Doubt about whether I would be able to go to Guatemala to serve as a missionary began to settle in. I thought it was truly impossible for me to go on the mission field with the amount of loans I had to pay off. Still, deep in my heart, I knew that God had called me to go. I prayed again, “God, I know you’ve called me to go, and I know You will also take care of my loans. There is nothing impossible for You.”

That’s where MedSend comes in. A couple of months after submitting an application, I received an email stating that I was approved for a MedSend grant that would cover my educational loan payments while I served. An overwhelming peace surrounded me at that moment as I felt God saying, “When I call and you respond in obedience, I take care of everything that concerns you.”


Lymarie serving alongside fellow MedSend grant recipient Amie Bockstahler, RN

Since 2014, I have had the privilege of working in Guatemala with a ministry called “Salud Que Transforma,” which means “Health That Transforms.” We operate a clinic for villagers that provides a full range of medical treatments and medications at an extremely low cost. In addition, we load up our truck three times a week and head out to remote areas to provide medical care to medically unserved communities. Coordinated with local village pastors and leaders, these outreaches provide community members with needed medical care, while also connecting them with their local churches. Recently, we re-started our nursing school and this year we have 42 students, many of whom are single moms and from broken relationships. I help teach the nursing class, which provides skills the women need to get work. More importantly, it gives us the opportunity to pour into their lives and let them know there is hope in Jesus Christ.

At the clinic yesterday, I held a 13-year-old girl in my arms, It was supposed to be a quick hug that instead turned into a prayer whispered, with God showing me what it is to be His hands (or arms) and feet. He allowed me to feel just a fraction of the pain she has experienced in her short life. She wouldn’t let go, she closed her eyes as I prayed.

You are God’s daughter,
You are precious in His eyes, 
You are LOVED, 
He will never leave you nor forsake you…

I guess God wanted to let me know that He feels our pain and suffering. I have prayed many times before, “God break my heart for what breaks Yours.” Yesterday He answered.

Thank you MedSend, and MedSend supporters, for allowing me to serve on the mission field without having to worry about my school loans. It has been an incredible journey thus far. Not only have we had the privilege of serving others through medicine and ministry, but God has also done a work in our hearts that we could only experience here in Guatemala.

– By Lymarie Cintrón-Wieber, RN, a MedSend nurse serving in Guatemala


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