Dr. Shiela Sisela
Sheila Sisela
Family Medicine Resident
Residency Location: Kenya
Home Country: Kenya
Tell us about your background

I gave my life to Christ in the year 2000 during a children’s program organized by our local church – it's called DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School). The theme was – The King Is Coming. As we went through the lessons – classes, plenaries, and drama, I could see the sharp contrast between those who would be found right and those who would not! It was then that I gave my life to Christ.

As I have walked with the Lord, I have come to appreciate His love and assurance. I am saved because the grace of God has kept me. I have sought reconciliations of relationships that seemed dead. I have grown to love and to seek out fellowship with believers. I have learned to seek His will before any step – that has meant that many a time, I write my plans on sand and be sensitive to His leading.

It is difficult to pinpoint when my actual calling occurred. I am told I always said I wanted to be a doctor since I was a baby. The one experience that remains clear is, ’The story of the broken arm’ – in 1996, I fell off a bicycle and fractured my left arm. It was a painful encounter as I was mishandled by plaster technicians trying countless times to achieve a closed reduction of segmented, displaced fractures of both radius and ulna, without any form of pain management. I was later referred to the surgeon who took me to the theatre for ORIF. That bitter experience, contrasted with a professional compassionate touch birthed in me a desire to see patients handled better – in terms of both professionalism and compassion. This has since been strengthened along the way by the doors God has opened and the encounters He has chosen to let me have.

Where would you like to work?

I would like to work in any area that allows for growth and ministry and one that would be accommodating and conducive to my family.

I would like to serve in a semi-urban area, predominantly Christian – where we can spur one another up, actively engage in discipleship and mentorship. I would like this as I feel more gifted with the ministry of discipleship. I don't have a particular community/region at the moment.

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