So That None Should Perish

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by Pauline Kilroy*, MedSend grant recipient

As a child, I took God’s commission for all to go and make disciples of all nations literally and as a command for me to physically go. (Matthew 28:19-20)

As a nurse studying the life of Jesus and how He served has been inspirational to me. Jesus preached, but He also touched the physical needs of the people by healing, providing food, teaching repentance, and forgiveness. In the body of Christ, God has given us different roles. God’s desire is that none should perish, but, that all should come into a relationship with him. As a nurse, my skill will be used not just to build up the body of Christ but to fulfill God’s commission and to reach all nations through his people.

I don’t have a faith story of massive change. But my story includes God’s change of a shy, homebody girl to a woman who walks in the strength and hope of Jesus. One who continues to learn to step out on faith to what God is calling her to do. Going overseas as a single woman was one major step in this faith journey, and returning to the U.S. for further study was another. With each step, God builds my faith and joy in Him as I watch Him use me for His service. And, He demonstrates his amazingly loving, individual care for me. Many people wonder how I could live in the Middle East for so long.

My reply is: this was God’s gift to me. I am able to work with the local people, build relationships with other missionaries. I have been given so much more than I can express. To see God work, by His spirit, physically and spiritually healing and challenge those who had never heard or seen His love has been rich and full. Praise be to God for His work inside of me and His gentle, exciting way that He has performed it! I have had the opportunity to share the gospel in many settings. One of my favorite times was when there was another single woman whose gift was evangelism. We would visit homes together, and I would address any physical needs as the conversation would slowly turn to spiritual needs.

I have been working in the Middle East for nearly 19 years. This work was full-time until last year when I returned to the U.S. for a time for further study. The country I’m in is not open to traditional missionaries and has been a wonderful place to use nursing to share the gospel. While there, I have helped train Community Health Workers, create a pediatric triage room, work in the NICU, and teach nursing students in the classroom and clinic. God also gave me many opportunities to treat burn patients in their homes. In all of these areas, I tried to integrate my work with evangelism.

I lived in a house in a neighborhood where I could integrate with the people who lived around me. Sharing life with this country taught me so much about poverty and a different culture. I spent time with friends and neighbors as they experienced births, deaths, weddings, financial struggles, and spiritual questions.


Pauline Kilroy is a MedSend grant recipient living and working in the Middle East. Her MedSend grant has enabled her to return to this place, where she has already served for 19 years. 


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