Anna C.*
Specialty: Nursing
Location: Togo
*Name withheld for securtiy reasons
Mission Work

My husband and I are involved in a 65-bed inpatient hospital ministry. In addition, we run an outpatient clinic 5.5 days a week.

At the beginning of March, we will have been open for 6 years, and it is amazing to see all that God has done in and through this hospital in that time!

Located in a region of West Africa where healthcare is significantly lacking, we draw a patient population from not only our surrounding region but also from beyond our borders.

Innumerable patients and their family members have come from miles and miles around seeking physical healing and in the process have heard about a God that loves them. We have had opportunities to share the gospel with untold numbers of people and had the blessing of witnessing many of them submit to Christ's lordship in their lives! They came for physical healing and have received spiritual healing in the process. It is exciting to be a part of such amazing work!

Spiritual Outreach

Spiritual outreach primarily results from contacts made with patients and their families at the hospital.

They are first identified by our chaplaincy team, which seeks to meet with and pray with all patients in our inpatient wards and as many as possible in our outpatient clinic. From these spiritual conversations with our chaplains, as well as our doctors and nurses, those with more questions, or who want to, are able to meet with our chaplains.

From there, depending on where they are from, we either seek to establish contact with them once they are discharged from the hospital in order to continue to conversations, or we seek to connect them with Christians already in their area (if they are too far removed from us for the follow-up to happen through us).

From these contacts, many have accepted Christ.

This is how all of our current Bible studies going on in villages in and around here have begun.

My husband and I have led one of these Bible studies for nearly two years, and we are the primary teachers in this group, which meets once a week.