Calista Yates
Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: Indonesia
Mission Work

My current primary role is in nursing education for undergraduate students at Bethesda Nursing Academy and providing continuing education and resources for current nursing staff at Bethesda Hospital in Indonesia.

This involves teaching 130+ students in a three-year program in the classroom, our skills lab, and supervising practical experiences in the hospital and several nearby government clinics. I also round in the hospital on a regular basis to check-in with our nursing staff and help them cope with specific patient needs, resources, and changes in practice.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and religions from Protestant, Catholic, Animist, Buddhist, and Muslim. Some grew up in a local church and others have very little knowledge of the gospel. Our mission statement at the Nursing Academy clearly states that our goal is to develop Christian nurses who desire to serve their communities. We do this through discipleship and mentorship of small groups of students, meeting them where they are at and helping them come to know Christ or grow in their relationship with Him.

Our hope is that we equip them not only as professional nurses but also those who share the gospel and care for the spiritual needs of their patients, patient's families, and communities.

Spiritual Outreach

At the Nursing Academy, each of the staff and teachers have a small group we disciple. Small groups can include those who have never heard the gospel to those who grew up in the church and have a deep relationship with the Lord.

We meet each of these students where they are and disciple them. Some come to know the Lord for the first time, and others deepen their relationship with Him. Some are still not ready but, hopefully, the seeds have been planted.

Each of our other ministries (public health, hospital, HIV/AIDs clinic) has full-time Indonesian chaplains as well as numerous Indonesian staff members who are comfortable sharing the gospel and discipling.

When I am supervising practicum experiences for my students, we look for opportunities to pray with the patients and also frequently refer one of our experienced chaplains to patients in need.