General Practice Resident
Residency Location: Asia

*Name withheld for securtiy reasons

Instead of working in a hospital after college, I had an opportunity to work in a charity organization in Asia, for they needed medical students. So I went there after graduation, where I served the disabled, orphans, and homeless people.

I didn’t think I wanted to work in a hospital at that time, so I  decided to take an examination for civil servants, but I didn't pass the exam two times. I thought that I would have to find a job related to medicine.

Then a wonderful opportunity came my way, I met a doctor who was preparing to open an international clinic. The clinic was in the preliminary stages and needed manpower. I prayed for a few days then decided to do this job. I was working in this clinic for more than six years.

Over the past six years, I have seen doctors bring comfort to patients on many occasions, although there are some diseases doctors can not help. But the patient trusts the doctor, and this is the best opportunity to bring Jesus to the patient. In the clinic, even if the patient is not a Christian, we asked their permission to pray for them. Some of the patients became our friends. Some of them believed in God.

Therefore, I gradually experienced God's intention for me to study medicine in this process. The biggest feeling is that my father was sick for three years, and I felt God's call to me. Being a doctor is a channel to bring God's love and comfort to sick people.

Where would you like to work?

I aspire to serve all ethnic groups is Asia, not any particular one. I can speak many languages. I mainly want to work in community health care or in general practice.

People who live here are still used to going to general hospitals for treatment because they distrust community clinics or lack understanding of general practices.

The spiritual situation is relatively repressive. There is a severe shortage of doctors because of the epidemic. The spiritual situation is relatively free of belief, but I know that many people are still Muslim, and the percentage of Christians is still very few.

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