Laurie Grant*
Specialty: Nursing/Midwifery
Location: Asia
*Name withheld for securtiy reasons
Mission Work

We work with unreached Muslims in a semirural area greatly affected by decades of conflict, terrorism, and natural disasters. I  work in two rural health facilities. I also do home visits, care out of our home, telehealth, and participate in outreach opportunities to many other locations.

One of my largest joys is being able to care for fellow workers throughout the region and for fellow frontline missionaries who often do not have sufficient access to care.  Holistic care of missionaries is central to our work here.

The pandemic has opened up so many opportunities for our team to go where others are not able as the pandemic has been especially difficult for remote Muslim communities here. Seasoned workers have said that the opportunities our team has had in the last year are unlike anything that they have seen before working with difficult-to-reach people groups.


Spiritual Outreach

We are primarily pioneering ministry into two new communities and have more occasional outreach into many more.

We aim to be holistic in all that we do.

Quality is more important than quantity. Our team has prayed with hundreds of patients and developed relationships with a couple of dozen patients.

We utilize depression and anxiety screenings often as a springboard into deeper relationships.

We try to start home visits if possible in order to have avenues to share Bible stories. Due to the pandemic, many national missionaries saw their fields close and they have joined us as lay counselors. We have been able to help get them back into the communities they serve through medical outreaches.