Lucas Goodson*
Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: Southeast Asia
*Name withheld for security reasons
Mission Work

Currently, we are a part of a multi-organizational collaboration, and we are using our medical skills (MD's, Nurses, and Midwives) and cultural skills (multi-lingual, cross-cultural workers, and Muslim background believers) to penetrate previously closed and hostile Muslim communities with medicine and the Gospel of Jesus.

We have been unanimously welcomed into these communities because of lockdown and travel restrictions due to COVID as well as a general fear of government involvement and institutionalized healthcare.  Because we provide charitable services including prenatal and diagnostic ultrasounds, we are welcomed.

Currently, we are working in 4 distinct Muslim-dominant municipalities but historically have been actively working in 8 total municipalities providing prenatal care, OB level care, and MFM level management. In addition, we provide general medical, geriatric, psychiatric, and pediatric check-ups. Other outreaches include mobile pharmacies, health center- and school-based health education, mobile circumcision and minor operation clinics, mobile laboratory, and mental health assessments and counseling. We also perform house visits where we integrate Gospel declaration and sharing of Jesus stories.

We run a small clinic out of our home for the community in which we live.

We also are actively educating and discipling our children which we believe to be of critical importance for spreading the Gospel.

Spiritual Outreach

We perform medical consultations and health teachings that integrate holistic whole-person care.

We pray with each patient, and we share stories of Jesus and connect to issues of faith with every patient we can (we practice wide Gospel sowing).

Specifically for some patients, we have been able to share the whole Gospel within one patient setting, although due to others observing our Muslim patients this happens infrequently unless in a private location like a home visit.

I am one of the two OB providers and one of two medical providers. I actively perform ultrasounds of patients on a daily basis. This allows me ample time to connect with the local population we serve.