Scott Bradley*
Physician Assistant
Location: Middle Africa
*Name withheld for security reasons
Ministry Assignment

We live in a remote fairly small village with our team. We moved here in 2017 but it has been a slow process of gaining trust and establishing our testimony. The villagers are basically 100% Muslim and our team is the first long-term witness of the Gospel to live among them.

Our desire is to love and serve them holistically. Initially we had a lot of difficulty gaining traction through serving their medical needs until we started a dental clinic a few years ago. Although we have had some opposition at times from a few of the local authorities, this clinic has served the community in ways we never anticipated and has exponentially grown their trust in us. We have treated hundreds of patients through this clinic, not only from Iriba, but many surround villages, some people even coming from hours away to receive treatment.

It is been an unexpected blessing to see how this has given rise to our ability to now treat people medically as well. While we don't have an "official" or formal medical clinic, we have friends and neighbors coming to our home almost every day for medical care. This is something we had been praying about because originally people didn't trust any of the advice or recommendations we gave. But now they seem to trust us completely in this area. Our continued prayer is that this will also gain trust as we share spiritual truths.

Besides our medical work, our ministry consists of learning language. Some of our team is now on their third language (the tribal language of Zaghawa) while others are working through Arabic still. We spend a lot of time visiting and hosting neighbors. We have kids over many times per week to play in our yard. We share bible stories, pray for those who are hurting or sick and love them in Jesus Name.