Stacey Connor*
Public Health Professional
Location: Indonesia
*Name withheld for security reasons
Anticipated Impact

I am serving in a local ministry capacity to empower national church planters with health care program creation and implementation. These programs serve as access ministries for church planting throughout a region of Indonesia. The Lord is using this nationally-led ministry to spread the gospel to the unreached islands through the local churches. We have several thousand (more than 3,000) come to faith in Jesus in the past 5 years through the church planting.

We are personally also involved in some short-term Covid relief projects (PPE production, supplies procurement for local Covid Hospital, food relief packages for villages) in partnership with local churches and national church planters, Pioneers field teams, and Southeast Christian Church. We have also launched and maintain some orphan care and women's empowerment projects locally. Small business programs we have launched also create funding for the church planting activities.

I am also now serving as Area Leader for Pioneers - Philippines, Malaysia and Riau Islands, Indonesia, leading church-planting field teams throughout the area and advising on ministries in these areas. The teams all partner with nationals in their church planting strategies.