Shadrach Gono
Anticipiated Mission Work

The foremost and professional priority will continue to be the provision of a holistic and continuity healthcare to the sick and needy in my medical life. These services are not limited to physical/disease state needs.

A second and paramount goal will be the spiritual or religious needs of God’s people through a devotion to mission and evangelism in fulfillment of Christ’s mission of spread his gospel (good news) to the earth and its people, not just in my region or continent but globally across to hard-to-reach and deepest of places.

In so doing, a combination of healthcare services and Christian missions will truly fulfill, if not complete, the actual nature of my calling as Christian medical doctor.

As supramentioned, as a specialist family physician (in the near future), I see myself working as Christian doctor with mission-driven capacity in serving humanity (my patients) and saving lives from hell (promoting the mission and gospel of Christ). In so doing, I shall be willing to work with any Christian mission/institute (including the ELWA/SIM ministry) here and abroad. Thus, I’m committing to full-time ministry.

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