Julie Pease
Location: Ecuador
Call to Missions

My role is Coordinator of Healthcare Initiatives for One Collective’s Ecuador team, called Youth World. Youth World is made up of nine sub ministries and I work with each of those ministries to determine how we can best integrate health and healthcare into the work already being done by the ministries. I am responsible for creating a coordinated philosophy of ministry and health for Youth World, planning the expansion of our efforts in the arena of health, and providing resources and support to the ministries in order that they can effectively enact health initiatives in their work.

My work as Coordinator of Healthcare Initiatives allows our ministries to more effectively meet the needs of those they seek to serve. Our ability to better address physical needs opens the door for evangelistic opportunities. I also personally integrate my work and evangelism primarily by maintaining the philosophy that God has created humanity as whole creations: body, mind, and soul/spirit. To treat one is to treat the other and one cannot address a need in one area without considering the problem’s impact on the whole person. This understanding informs our whole philosophy of health ministry, and so I strive to consider the impact of our health initiatives on evangelistic opportunities, as well as keeping my health interventions as holistic as possible.