Location: Southern Asia
*Name withheld for security reasons
Healthcare Mission Work

Recently the situation in country has changed radically. Our current priority is relief rather than development work, although our long-term vision continues to be development. Therefore, my role will be to use whatever skills I have to help assess the changing circumstances and adapt programming to current needs and possibilities. Given my skillset and training, this will likely include some combination of relief work, health education and clinical medicine in addition to prioritizing language-learning, but due to the rapidly changing situation, it is impossible to provide an exact position description at this time. Nevertheless, I will continue to incorporate evangelism in my day-to-day activities, intentionally seeking out the opportunities God provides to show his love and speak words of hope and life to whomever I encounter.

Because my service role is not well-delineated at this time, the anticipated outcomes of my service are also difficult to define. But in general terms, I hope to see the following three outcomes:

  1. Better health for women and their families. If working in health education, I would expect to see lower incidences of illness and death due to preventable diseases. If working in a clinical setting, I would expect improved outcomes of treatable diseases, with lower disability and death rates in this population.
  2. Development of meaningful relationships with women. The indigenous women tend to lead isolated lives, with little opportunity for interaction outside their family circles. But as a woman and a health professional, I will have a unique opportunity to interact with this normally inaccessible group.
  3. Through concern for their health and relationship-building, give women the opportunity to know Jesus and experience his transforming love. By God’s grace, women will see Jesus’ love demonstrated through my service to them, whether in public health or clinical medicine, and will then be able to hear the good news as we grow in relationship with one another.