Katie Thompson
Nurse Practitioner
Location: Kenya
Call to Missions

My husband and I expect to join Hope Matters International. Hope Matters has recently expanded their medical missions’ outreach from a small local clinic to a medical facility named Village of Hope Hospital. In 2020 the Village of Hope opened its doors, providing services in Musembe. Currently, the hospital has basic inpatient, outpatient, walk-in urgent care, lab, pharmacy, ultrasound, well-child, maternity, dental, PT, social work, and chaplaincy services. It will be expanding in the area of Women’s Health with the recent addition of a full time American OB-GYN. This OB-GYN plans to open a fully functional operating room by January 2022 to provide c-section deliveries and gynecological surgeries.

With the addition of c-sections it has become obvious that the hospital will soon require neonatal intensive care services. It is my goal to come alongside and empower pediatric nursing staff and help launch the first specialized newborn unit/NICU in the area (this is my position description). Prior to embarkation, I have begun to formulate NICU policies and protocols as well as create a pediatric/NICU orientation program. I plan to integrate evangelism into the depth of the birthing experience at Village of Hope. I believe that this "golden hour" of bonding alone between a mother, father, and newborn, will begin to formulate a united home. The full mission of Hope Matters International is to provide hope because Africans have an incredible ability to hold on to the hope that things will get better. Hope Matters desires to not only encourage hope, but more importantly, to point families and individuals towards the one hope that will always prove true, Jesus Christ.