Stephanie Carrigan
Assignment: Uganda
Tell us about your ministry assignment

Currently I serve as the liaison for team health needs as well as community needs that come to our door. I facilitate next steps for people in a thoughtful and compassionate way. Health issues are anxiety provoking for teammates so having a gentle hand of reassurance allows them to continue to serve in their roles of kingdom growth without health fears and worries limiting them. Because Marc works in the district hospital 15 min away, many times needs within our immediate community come to me first and I listen to their concerns and help bridge the gap to them receiving care from Marc. We continue to draw 20-40 children to our house every afternoon when our children come out to play. I have come to know the 20 or so regular kids by name along with their stories. I am able to easily check them for malaria when they have fever and then establish the treatment plan with someone in their family. All of these roles allow me to continue working in a medical capacity while also serving my family’s needs. I also consider my emotional care of and support of Marc to be a ministry assignment since encouragement greatly helps him in his ministry work at the hospital.

How many patients do you see in a week?


Regarding MedSend...

We would not be serving people here in Bundibugyo, Uganda without MedSend. It simply would not be possible! Our mission agency required any debt/student loans to be completed or provided for by other means before leaving for the field, and we still had a mountain of student loan debt to climb for that to be possible. MedSend filled that gap for us. They continue to play that vital role for other healthcare workers who also aim to do kingdom work in hard to live/work/reach places where the greatest healthcare disparities exist. We are so grateful for MedSend and its many donors who make this ministry possible.