Specialty: Nursing
Location: N. Africa
*Name withheld for security reasons
Call to Missions

It is so exciting how the Lord has given me experience that is perfect for my position!

I have lived in Maine and been able to share the love of Christ via praying with patients in the ICU. He opens doors to share Him in every facet of life. We share with all we encounter, as everyone is included in the "Go, therefore." We are all called to go, whether is it across the street or the globe.

We prayed and just said "yes," and God has not only opened doors but windows too. The place we are sent is to the Middle East. It was NOT my first choice, but after visiting, the lostness and brokenness in a world without Jesus was too overwhelming not to heed His call there. My heart for medicine is in itself a heart for missions. Hurting people need more than physical help. I have been fortunate that the Lord has provided opportunities to work in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.

I can't tell you specific names, but all throughout my life I have had opportunities to meet with people who serve, like guest speakers at camps and church services. God spoke to me while at camp in my youth, and I distinctly remember He called me to something, somewhere, and I just knew that I needed to say "yes."

When we said "Yes," and God put it on the map, we found that our service would need to be at least 10 years, or until the Lord called us home, or Home. Obviously, God has given the great commission to all, and we are willing vessels.

Healthcare Mission Work

My job title will be Nurse Educator, and I will also be Administrative Resource.

The people who built the hospital require personnel to help shape policies and standards, so my husband will be using his executive and diplomatic skills to be the Project Developer and work as Assistant CEO. He will be required to work with the embassies in the area, therefore he will have the opportunity to develop relations with many ethnic peoples. We are excited to see how God will use this. He will have an Egyptian counterpart, as will I. Our goal is to get operational from the ground up and be able to hand our jobs off to the Nationals. We are committed to being there as long as necessary. We will be uploading our job descriptions from the IMB, with whom we will also be working.

We are taking Egyptian Arabic lessons once a week and will increase to 20 hours per week when we arrive. Our goal is to engage in their culture of hospitality and develop relationships in order to be able to speak behind closed doors. We wish to live intentionally for the glory of our Lord. We have been forewarned that we are not entering the "front lines," rather the household of the enemy. We are prepared to face spiritual battles like never before and have recruited a few solid prayer warriors to lift us up.

Anticipated Impact
  1. I pray that the people we encounter will also encounter Jesus. Whether they accept Him or not, my prayer is that they see Him.
  2. I pray that the physical care of patients is changed in Egypt. I pray that our hospital sets the example so that people no longer go to the hospital to die but to be treated.
  3. I pray that we leave leaders who will raise up leaders to continue sharing Christ. I pray that the discipleship movement will explode in Egypt and all the Middle East.