Specialty: Dentistry
Location: Asia
*Name withheld for security reasons
Mission Work

I am a dentist who runs a mobile dental clinic.  This involves seeing patients of the hospital and conducting outreach into the community.

My clinic hours have been slowed due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, but I will typically see patients three days a week and then on the other days work on organizing outreach or do home visits of former patients or refugees. In addition, I work on Bible lessons to do bi-weekly with the inpatients (the hospital staff takes turns leading this study which is done 5 nights a week).

Spiritual Outreach

Our hospital is unapologetic about its evangelism in a Muslim majority country. Outpatients who come to the hospital are regularly shared with, shown the Jesus film, and prayed for in Jesus' name. Inpatients attend regular Bible studies (with very few refusing to come) where they receive comprehensive and topical lessons on the Gospel and God's word. We have a couple of satellite locations where we do additional projects, and we have a mobile dental clinic that provides dental care to the poor in distant villages. I am the only dentist at the hospital, so I do all the clinic work and arrange outreach trips as well as contribute to the everyday evangelistic efforts.