John Mark Cropsey
Specialty: Ophthalmology
Location: Burundi
Mission Work

I am currently a Professor of Ophthalmology for Hope Africa University and the Chief of Service for the ophthalmology service at Kibuye Hope Hospital. I serve on a large medical team at Kibuye with Serge.

Our primary focus is on the training and discipleship of our trainees, mainly medical students. I participate in our medical student evening Bible study (20 - 30 students, bi-monthly) and have been involved in the development of our chaplaincy program in the past (not directly involved this year).

Many of our students do not understand the gospel of grace, so our ministry is about both evangelism and discipleship. Our chaplains minister to patients in their heart language, Kirundi. I share the gospel with individual patients via a translator on a case-by-case basis.

We pray with each patient before surgery in the operating theatre as well. I also have a monthly Bible study with my eye staff.

Spiritual Outreach

Our team's main focus is on our trainees and colleagues. For example, I am involved in our medical student Bible study with 20-30 in attendance on a typical evening (bi-monthly). I also lead our eye staff in a monthly bible study (15 staff). Our team also has a weekly doctors' Bible study for the 30 doctors at our hospital. I also share the gospel with individual patients as led, but most patient evangelism is done by our 3 hospital chaplains.