Troy Sammons
Specialty: Veterinary Science
Location: South Sudan
Mission Work

We are currently working with African Inland Mission in South Sudan, where we are working as team leaders for 4 new missionaries as well as being involved in the local church and encouraging the local church to reach out to the unreached around us and to the more remote parts of South Sudan.

Our goal is to see the unreached of the Lotuho and other neighboring tribes to hear and receive the message of Christ.

Our role in South Sudan has several overlapping aspects.

We are both team leaders of other missionaries as well as actively engaged in our church and the communities that we seek to minister to. The veterinary work associated with the work that we do has several different aspects. First, we work with the local church to promote church outreach through livestock-related projects (ox-plows, cattle and goat medicine, and poultry projects). As a church, we have been doing a church plant in another village and we make weekly visits to help with livestock-related needs, Secondly we work with the churches to offer a chicken vaccination program.

In more broad aspects, we are also involved in being a medical liaison for treatment options with our team and the greater AIM missionaries. A new role that I have added this last year was to teach at the local health science schools in Zoonotic disease and communicable disease in order to mobilize believing students to carry the gospel to the remote areas of South Sudan.

Spiritual Outreach

We are doing well in spiritual outreach, having opportunities to disciple various groups of believers within our church and ministry circles. We reach out to neighboring villages with evangelism and good works.

We find that our personal quiet time is essential for this and has become a time of renewal and strengthening to work out into the other areas of life.

We are routinely asked to share the Word and do Bible study in many different forums, and our spiritual life is constantly being exercised.