Specialty: OB/GYN
Location: Western Africa
*Name withheld for security reasons
Call to Missions

My desire and call are to be a vocational worker for a lifetime "career."

Biblical inspiration:

Abraham has been a significant encouragement to me as he stepped out in faith to follow God to an unknown location. He was also told to sacrifice his only Son (whom God had promised him!) and was willing to follow through in this most difficult request. I often sense as if God has asked me to do the same with this calling into international service - to relinquish it to Him for His timing. In addition, I share in the blessing promised to Abraham (both the personal blessing of being in relationship with our Father but also in the call to be a blessing to all peoples).

John and Judy McMannus - retired missionaries who have served with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. They are "old" and would be overlooked by many, but have been a large source of encouragement and inspiration to me. They are truly wondrous stewards of the energies and skills that God has given them, reaping a large harvest for our King. They also have shared in my unwavering confidence that God has called us into international missions - if He is for it, then who can stand against it?

Healthcare Mission Work

1) Full spectrum of obstetrics/gynecology care, with an emphasis on high-risk obstetrical care

2) Teaching the above to the staff/physicians: this includes on-the-job clinical mentoring, formal lectures, as well as leading simulations.

3) Development of an obstetrics/gynecology residency program, akin to a PAACS program for general surgeons. To this end, I've joined PAACS as an OB/GYN task force member. The first meeting of our new task force was November 2nd, 2018, and obstetrics and gynecology were added to the subspecialties under the PAACS umbrella.

4) Collaboration with a US academic university to provide exposure to international medical care for US-based trainees as well as to tap into professional resources for Mali-based trainees. Jefferson has already expressed interest in partnering with me in this way.

Anticipated Impact

Short-term: Local development of medical staff in providing holistic care that emphasizes both spiritual care as well as quality medical care in obstetrics/gynecology.

Mid-term: Collaboration between Thomas Jefferson University to optimize training for both US and Malian medical trainees.

Long-term: Development of an obstetrics/gynecology residency program that is committed to preparing Christian physicians to reach their nation with the gospel of Christ specifically using high-quality obstetrics/gynecology skills.