Taking Care of Widows and Orphans in their Time of Distress

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Your financial support of MedSend makes a tangible impact in the lives of the most forgotten and neglected people in the world today. As James 1:27 says, caring for widows and orphans in their time of distress is a pure and faultless expression of faith. 

QQ is an 18-year-old orphaned girl born with spina bifida and congenital clubfoot. She lived in an unregistered “orphanage” run out of an apartment for many years. Her medical and educational needs were neglected. Thanks to a MedSend grant recipient serving in her country, this would soon change!

In 2019, QQ was moved to a facility, and staff took her to doctors. In late 2021 our Grant Recipient was made aware of her condition. She had a chronic ulcer on one foot, and more seriously, had an unrepaired tethered cord. This was having increasing negative effect on her ability to walk and control her bowel and bladder. Tethered cord syndrome (TCS) is a rare neurological condition that prevents the spinal cord from moving to keep up with the lengthening of the spine as it grows.  

The surgery QQ needed was high risk. Our Grant Recipient’s team members found one surgeon in the entire country willing to do the procedure. The team organized QQ’s travel and found a Christian caregiver to stay with her during the 5–6-week period she would be out of her facility. 

When QQ returned from surgery, our Grant Recipient’s team facilitated all of her follow up medical care. This included physical therapy, medications, and transportation from her temporary foster home to receive proper treatment.

The Christian surgeon who performed QQ’s life-changing procedure said that if our Grant Recipient and the team had not organized the surgery when they did, she would have suffered irreversible loss of function in a variety of areas. Today, QQ is preparing to take her exams for high school and hopes to become a doctor herself one day. Compassionate care changes lives!

Will you help change the lives of orphans like QQ all over the world by supporting MedSend in our mission to extend the love of Christ though healthcare?



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