Your help is needed more than ever.

Healthcare missionaries are on the front lines of COVID-19 and many other health epidemics affecting the world.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

The world is at a crisis point.

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Jennifer Sanderfer
Helping hands on a medical mission in Africa

Each day, millions of people in the world's most vulnerable countries perish from disease, injuries, and other ailments that would likely be curable with adequate healthcare. But, the healthcare they need isn't there.

These same people, in countries that are both vulnerable and closed to Christian influence, are likely dying without the gift of the Good News. In increasing numbers, countries are ousting any Christian workers.

God wants to reclaim these precious people, and we believe that one method to do so is through healthcare missions. God is calling young healthcare professionals to the mission field in record numbers. These highly-skilled and well-trained healthcare providers bring innovative methods to places that need their skills most.

Through the work of compassionate healthcare, a door is opened to begin spiritual conversations. And, while living and working in communities, these healthcare missionaries are able to share Jesus with those who have not heard His story.

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God is calling us to act during this time of crisis.

Our goal is to reach over 2 million people with the gift of compassionate care and the good news of the gospel. We aim to meet this goal by meeting the growing demand of mobilizing U.S. healthcare workers to the world, growing the training of Christian nationals in their region of origin (MedSend nationals program), and preparing and caring for those God has called, and creating long-term sustainability.

Your support can help bring real hope to the world. By funding a healthcare missionary, for a day, or up to a full four years-- you'll bring tangible hope that will transform the world.