When I first heard of MedSend some years ago, it was the most compelling talk I had ever heard for a nonprofit group.  Here was this doctor telling the audience that God had used his presence in Nigeria to essentially bring an entire tribe of over 80,000 people to the Lord through astonishingly miraculous means.That got my attention, because anyone can tell that that is a great return on an investment.  Just as in our other investments, one wants to see investments in God’s kingdom get the biggest bang for the buck possible.  After all, there are a number of options for our limited resources.  We must be good stewards and give in a way that maximizes impact for the Kingdom.

Medical missions ministries are an especially good investment for people looking to evangelize, for two reasons.  One, because there is a credibility that comes from serving in a community when you have a practical gift as valuable as providing medical care.  Two, when people are sick or injured, there is a vulnerability there that often opens the door to hear of Jesus and His love that might not be there when all is well.

We are all missionaries.  Some are called to be here and be the economic engines that drive the ministry.  Some are called to administer the gifts. And some are called to receive the gifts, go out into the world, and deliver the Good News along with medical services.  We’re all part of the same team, doing God’s work together.

Colin Eakin, MD, MedSend Supporter