This year has been another year of profound changes and turmoil in the world at large and at home.  I love MedSend because through it, I can engage the world beyond me in a way that offers people not only healthcare that they would not otherwise have, but also the opportunity for true healing and wholeness that comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. MedSend believes strongly in its healthcare mission and at present, we support 183 grantees domestically and abroad who make positive impacts in people’s lives.

But the fact that this healthcare is delivered in the name of Jesus is what separates MedSend, its grantees, and Associate-sending organizations from worthy humanitarian agencies and many healthcare-focused nongovernmental organizations. Despite the commotion of current events, supporting MedSend offers each of us an opportunity to counter feelings of helplessness, futility, and cynicism by investing in others for eternity.

Douglas A. Drevets, MD, DTM&H, MedSend Board Chair