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Congratulations on choosing to participate in The Longevity Project!

We are glad you're investing in your long-term health and wellness on the mission field.  Now that you're officially a participant and have paid your annual program fee, you may begin planning to use your grant.

The activation date was July 1, 2023.  Kim (kim@medsend.org) will assist you with connecting to our service providers to set appointments and begin using their services.

Visit the Explore page to review the full details of The Longevity Project.  For a quick review, see below:


The Grant

We've created a drop down of all of the services and our partners who are offering their talents and gifts to support the program.

*These more expensive components are available for an added fee.

The Longevity Project Costs


Here you'll find more details about costs and how to use your grant.  

Our Explore page has all of the details about the costs, your fees and your grant amount based on your unit, or family size.  This is a good reference page when you have questions or need a reminder.

The Extended Debrief, depending on the resource you choose, can be expensive and has an added fee on top of the basic program cost.  This fee is meant to assist or supplement the payment, not cover the entire costs. The recommendation is to plan for or consider an Extended Debrief every four years, unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

For those of you who have attended, a MedRefresh Retreat is an experience like none other!  The recommendation is to plan for you and your family to attend a MedRefresh Retreat every two years.  Our goal is to host one in the United States in the autumn and one in Europe, Middle East or Africa in the Spring.

Below is a guideline for costs through our Service Providers: 

Annual Check-Up with Valeo - 1 assessment is $100

Spiritual Director with Barnabas - 1 session is $75 per hour


The Longevity Project Toolkit


The place to find tools and resources for the journey!

Global Worker Field Guide by Valeo

Boundaries for Healthcare Missionaries

Resources for Supporters  

Death in a Mission Hospital 

Lament and Grief Protocol- Created by two missionary doctors serving in a restricted location where they routinely experience work-related trauma and loss.  

Theology of Limits in compassionate ministry with emphasis on Jesus' examples- Jack L. Sorg, career missionary with ABWE.

Protect Yourself from Moral Injury!  - Jim Ritchie