Tirtha Thapa, PhD

Tirtha earned his Ph.D. from Chiang Mai University, Thailand in Social Science in 2012 and serves as a PhD student's thesis advisor in mission studies, social science and anthropology. He is a visionary team worker and a strategic plan developer. He is highly successful in management and teaching demonstrating Christian faith in action. He is also experienced working with multinational staff members. The vision of his life is "Transform community being the living witness of God's love."  

In different capacities, He played a vital role to set up the Gandaki University in Pokhara, Nepal and appointed as a Board of Trustees in 2020. Before this appointment, he led a task force as the Coordinator for the study on the establishment of this University in 2019.   

He founded non-profit oriented institutions and among them commonly known is "Human Development and Community Service" (HDCS) founded in 1991. Under this foundation, he had set up K-12 national and international educational institutions and quality service providing hospitals in the different parts of Nepal. These endeavors accomplished through his diplomatic relations with national and international government and non-government partners.  

He is highly recognized as a visionary person and a very successful health and educational institutions planner. He is awarded twice "Excellent Management Award" from the International Project Management Association (IPMA) in 2015 and 2017 for his extra ordinary skills in administration and management, As well, his extraordinary contribution to the socio-economic uplift to the poor, needy, underprivileged and discriminated community in the country he is highly recognized and honored with "Nepal Samman 2016" by Sagarmatha Foundation. He also received an excellent thesis award in 2012.  

In all of his endeavors, he tries to live personal and professional life by the motto, "Rightious is the path of his life, Honesty is his strength, and serving others is his duty."  He prefers a simple living and found this easiest to achieve by hard work, network and teamwork expecting excellence from himself and others.