The Gospel Strategy of Compassionate Healthcare


“Talk to any pastor in the US and ask them, ‘What would you do with 4000 to 6000 new people per day through the door of your church?’ They would think it was a flight of fancy to imagine something like that,” Jim Ritchie, Senior Vice President, Longevity Project, said with a laugh. “But people come to the hospital who would never darken the door of a church. They come looking for help. That’s what happens routinely with mission hospitals and mission facilities every week. Spiritually sensitive people, by the 1000s, through the gate. What a colossal strategy, what a wonderful opportunity.” 

Jim is a former Navy doctor and medical missionary who is now part of our MedSend team. His experience and expertise are invaluable to the vision of MedSend and to the medical missionaries he interacts with regularly in his role overseeing MedSend’s Longevity Project launching this spring.  

The Longevity Project provides professional, relational, and spiritual support to global healthcare missionaries to enable them and their families to thrive on the mission field and extend their length of service. 

Watch the short video below to hear more from Jim about the reality of healthcare in developing countries and the enormous opportunity for the Gospel to change lives through medical missions. 


We are grateful for the thousands of people over the years who have financially supported the vision of MedSend to reach the world with compassionate care and the love of Christ by empowering committed, Christ-following healthcare professionals to minister and effectively care for those in the least served areas of the world.  

As Jim says, “When [these patients] encounter that sort of love, it is love that they may have never experienced in their entire lives, including from their families.”

The love of Christ changes everything.



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Healthcare remains the only form of access as a Christian witness in many countries.

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