“The impact of MedSend is evident in every patient I treat.”

National Scholar Dr. Grace Macharia practices setting plaster casts during her Pediatrics rotation.
National Scholar Dr. Grace Macharia practices setting plaster casts during her Pediatrics rotation.

Meet Dr. Grace Macharia

Dr. Grace Macharia, a Family Medicine resident and National Scholar in her first year at Chogoria Mission Hospital has always been passionate about providing comprehensive patient care. Initially, she was drawn to the field of Psychiatry. As she explored different specialties, she was captivated by the blend of Internal Medicine, Anesthesia, and Psychiatry offered by Family Medicine.

With guidance from Dr. Eli Horn, a Family Physician at the Chogoria (and a MedSend grant recipient), Dr. Macharia decided to pursue Family Medicine, embracing the opportunity to connect with patients on a deeper level and provide holistic care.


A Difficult Case

One particular patient stands out in Dr. Macharia’s memory.

A 38-year-old woman suffering from a recent onset of cognitive decline, abnormal posture, and an inability to speak was brought into the hospital by her adolescent daughter. Scans revealed a mass in the woman’s liver. Initially, a CT scan of her head appeared normal, but an MRI revealed multiple lesions that resembled meningitis. The diagnosis of Tuberculous Meningitis (TBM) seemed likely.

In the United States, 20-67% of patients diagnosed with TBM do not survive. The prognosis in a vulnerable population with low resources is even more grim.

Dr. Macharia and the team began treatment immediately. She spent time with the woman, reassuring her that everything possible was being done for her care. This simple act of compassion and reassurance left a lasting impact on the woman and her family.


God is at Work in Compassionate Care

Dr. Macharia also met with the daughter for several prayer sessions about her mother’s healing. Interestingly, the daughter had an unwavering hope that her mother would be well. While empathetic and supportive, privately Dr. Macharia wasn’t as convinced. She knew the statistics and clinical prognosis for TBM patients.

Over several weeks, the woman responded well to treatment. She improved to the point where she regained the ability to speak and hold conversations. Eventually, the hospital was able to discharge her with a plan for further support and treatment to regain greater function.

To Dr. Macharia, this felt like a miracle from God. She says this case is one of the rarest presentations of TBM. She is thankful that the Lord led her and her team to make the diagnosis.  Dr. Macharia knows God was at work through the healing process of this woman, wife, and mother and emphasizes the importance of connecting with patients beyond their medical conditions and incorporating prayer in patient encounters.

“I believe in providing emotional and spiritual support alongside medical expertise. I am dedicated to compassionate care and look forward to continuing my residency and positively impacting patients’ lives. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Medsend for their support, enabling me to pursue Family Medicine and make a difference in patients’ healthcare journeys. I see Medsend’s impact in every patient I treat and wish continued blessings upon MedSend,” she tells us.


MedSend Donors Make a Difference

The financial support from our donors to the National Scholars program brings hope and health to the world through Christ-following national doctors committing their lives to care for the most vulnerable in their communities. Will you help more National Scholars like Dr. Grace Macharia receive the training and discipleship they need to bring holistic care to patients like this mother and her family? Join our family of compassionate donors today.



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