The Longevity Project in Action

Students at Hope Africa

“Working on the field is difficult. There’s a lot of stress and a lot of poverty and difficult things that happen mixed with a lot of beauty and a lot of joy and a lot of seeing God’s miracles. But this week has felt like a cumulative joy environment.” 

Kacie Forrest is a MedSend grant recipient and registered nurse working in Uganda and recently attended a MedRefresh retreat through MedSend’s new ministry, The Longevity Project. Watch the video below to hear how Kacie and her family were restored and renewed to head back to the mission field, ready to deliver compassionate care in Christ’s name with a renewed sense of resilience. 



The experience of healthcare missionaries is uniquely challenging. The weighty responsibilities of patient care are multiplied in settings of great need and limited resources. As a result, many healthcare missionaries struggle emotionally and spiritually on the field

MedSend’s Longevity Project is a multifaceted program designed to help prepare and support healthcare missionaries as they navigate these challenges. The design incorporates programs to provide relational, spiritual and professional support. The program is heavily subsidized by support from donors who understand that caring for healthcare missionaries and their families on the field results in thousands of additional lives changed by God’s love through compassionate care.  

We still need your support in this final week of the MedSend Fiscal Year End. To fund this new ministry and support healthcare missionaries serving in the world’s most challenging regions, we invite you to donate today.


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Healthcare remains the only form of access as a Christian witness in many countries.

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