Treating Trauma in Children


MedSend grant recipient Samantha Lang-Kettle* never thought she wanted to work with children. There are unique challenges to working with children, in any capacity. Yet over her years as a trauma therapist serving in difficult and sometimes dangerous countries, the Lord keeps bringing children across her path.  


An Opportunity

“Recently I met a woman whose 11-year-old boy hadn’t slept in 5 years,” Samantha shares.  

When extremists took over their city, the family endured significant trauma and hardship. They were forced to flee, walking through 3 different countries to find refuge, before eventually returning.  

The young boy was nearly 7 when they returned home.  Since then, he hadn’t been able to sleep through the night. Any time he fell asleep, he’d have horrible nightmares. Eventually, he was too afraid to go to bed and stayed awake every night until 5 am.  

“The mother said that the whole family had trauma, but that it was the worst for him. She desperately wanted help for her son,” Samantha says. 

Samantha immediately agreed to help and began working with the family to implement changes. Within only a matter of a few short weeks, the little boy was nightmare-free and sleeping through the night.  

The boy’s mother shared that her son’s recovery was the best thing to come out of the family’s sessions. Samantha says the Lord used this as an encouragement to show her that he has given her the tools to know how to care for children in their post-trauma care. 

“I’ve kept that tucked away in the back of my mind as I’ve been praying and seeking direction for my work. [Since then] I’ve been presented with an opportunity in the city to work with children in a local orphanage. The orphanage has asked specifically for trauma care for the children and training for their local staff,” Samantha shares. 


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*Identity changed for protection
**Patient not shown

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