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Praying for Joel.

Impacting health – and hearts – in Uganda

Necrotizing fasciitis – commonly called “flesh-eating disease” – is a medical emergency anywhere. In Bundibugyo, Uganda, it’s a virtual death sentence. Read more.

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They Give Thanks For You

Like MedSend grant recipients from the U.S., MedSend national grant recipients are eager to answer God’s call to serve – and deeply grateful for the chance to so. Read more

Giving Smiles…Changing Lives

“Many of Dr. Gendreau’s patients arise well before dawn and walk for several hours to reach the clinic and the dental care they need so desperately.” Read more.


From death to life

“It wasn’t a question of who needed surgery, it was a question of who would die first without surgery.” – Read More


Give us a hand

“His first month in the hospital was clouded with depression and severe pain. We worked together on a daily basis, maintaining movement of his shoulders and elbows, knees and ankles.” – Read More


In the midst of tragedy…Finding Harambe and Hope 

“I was traveling with my family and our car broke down last night,” he said.  “We slept in the car and early this morning, my wife and I were trying to push the car along the roadside when a speeding Mercedes Benz crashed into us.” – Read More


Hope Unshakeable: Healing Garedo 

“When I first met Garedo I thought he was going to die,” recalls MedSend physician Michelle Yates, MD, who serves at a Christian hospital in the Horn of Africa. “He was really struggling to breathe, with low oxygen saturation, swollen like a balloon and with the largest belly full of fluid that I have ever seen in such a small boy.” – Read More


Heeding His Call: Called To Go

The pregnant woman arrived at the South Asian mission hospital bleeding heavily and in need of emergency medical care. Sadly, there was no female healthcare provider available and, due to cultural constraints, her husband would not let her be seen by a male doctor. “I remember watching her leave the hospital without the care she desperately needed, likely to go home and die,” recalls Gloria Lang*, RN. “It was at that moment that I felt a tremendous opportunity as a female to care for these vulnerable women.” –Read More


Together: We are Making a Difference

When Jesus spoke about the “least of these,” He could have been talking about a Central African toddler named Manga. Shortly after Manga was born, civil war ravaged her small town and her family fled for their lives to an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camp in another region. As one of the 50,000 IDPs in the camp, Manga had less access to international aid and healthcare than an international refugee. -Read More


From Slums to Surgical Suite

Impossible dream becomes reality with MedSend Nationals grant-

“I was around 13 when I lost my aunt, who was my guardian, to a preventable disease, a pulmonary embolism,” Dr. Ian Orwa recalls. “I blamed myself and God and I moved away from Him. But with time, I gave my life to Christ. I wanted God to take charge in my life and give my life a purpose.”- Read More


Real Hope For Refugees

They flee on foot with little more than the clothes on their backs. Entire families sleep in the open, without tents or mosquito nets, eating leaves to stay alive.  Intense fighting between warring groups in Central Africa has caused over 100,000 refugees to take shelter in the camps surrounding the Christian healthcare clinic where MedSend PA Ruth Burks serves. The clinic, which provides curative and medical services for 20,000 patients per year, was founded to serve the local population. Now it is also providing desperately needed healthcare for refugees who suffer with malaria, malnutrition and other serious health problems. An increasing number of refugees are receiving spiritual care as well.
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Lessons from a Tetanus Survivor

When I went to see S.* for our first session on Monday morning, she told me that she didn’t like me and I should just leave her to die.  S. had concluded that healing was not possible and had lost her will to live. Her mother had also given up hope and was already beginning to grieve.- Read More