“We are able to be here, caring for others, because of you.” 

Students at Hope Africa

MedSend Grant Recipient GL and her husband, MedSend Alum JL, serve in a closed Asian country providing medical care and sharing the love of Jesus in areas with severe lack of access to both. They focus their ministry on rural communities that are typically resistant to the Gospel. Recently, GL shared two experiences on the field that shine a light on the amazing work of the Holy Spirit and their gratefulness to be there, making a difference. 



In 2021, a young man named Jay* was having excruciating pain due to an at-home DIY body modification procedure. Since this was in the middle of the pandemic, no doctor or hospital would help him. Jay came to GL’s team begging for help. 

JL, GL’s husband, and a nurse teammate performed an 8+ hour surgery on a folding table in the back room of a house as intermittent blackouts rolled through the area. 

The surgery was successful, but Jay’s recovery took many months. During this time, he stayed with a local pastor and her husband in their one-bedroom home. The couple cared for him around the clock and was able to show and share the love of God. By the end of his stay, Jay professed his new faith in Jesus.

“We recently learned that Jay is now a pastor, boldly sharing what God has done for him. At that time, we were praying for a quick recovery for Jay. But God’s ways and timing are better than our own. Who would have thought that a botched body modification and a long recovery would lead to eternal life? God truly works in mysterious ways!” GL marvels. 



GL and JL are incredibly grateful for the financial support from MedSend that allows them to serve in places where life-saving medical care is hard to find. Sometimes, it’s their own teammates that need emergency medical care. GL and JL found themselves in this exact scenario and were thankfully able to save their co-worker’s life. 

“At first, she thought it was a bad cold, but when I went to check on her, I quickly realized that our co-worker needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible,” GL said. GL was convinced that the woman had developed sepsis, the body’s extreme reaction to an infection.  

“Unfortunately, no hospital in our town was accepting new patients. So, we brought her to our house, and turned our living room into a mini-emergency room. We gave her oxygen, started IV fluids and antibiotics, and monitored her closely until we were finally able to get her admitted to a hospital,” she shared. 



“We are able to be here, caring for others, because of you. We are able to share about the Great Physician, because of you. Your love, encouragement, and financial support does more than you know. Thank you!” GL says. 

Recently, GL and JL have committed to building up resources for a new network of Christian national physicians to provide encouragement, missionary training, and a sense of community in a dark and dangerous place.  

They ask for your prayers as they train other missionaries in how to reach out to Christian national doctors with the launch of their new support network. They especially ask for payer that the national doctors will take on ownership of the work so that when the day comes for GL and JL to transition back to the US, the work will continue.  



Will you partner with us in making a difference for Christ through healthcare missions? Through your generosity, our grant recipients transform under-resourced communities with inspiring leadership and quality, compassionate care. Your support means lives can be saved, souls can receive new life and there is hope for a better future. 




*names changed for protection

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