Wes Julian*
Assignment: Central Asia
Tell us about your ministry assignment

I am currently working at the training clinic and doing medical outreaches within the country. While in the clinic I work with local family practioners that are in training in evidence-based medicine as well as giving didactic lectures on a regular basis. We are also involved in mentoring our staff as well as the local Christian medical student group.
I lead medical outreaches. These outreaches are where we partner with churches and community development groups that work in hard to reach villages. They use our mobile clinic to further their relationships with the village people. By earning their trust, they are able to share about their faith. Since starting the medical outreaches, we know of 5 new believers and 3 people that have been baptized because of our partnerships and mobile clinics.

How many patients do you see in a week?


Regarding MedSend...

The MedSend grant has helped us in many ways. It allowed us to come to the field much quicker as we would have had to raise more financial funds in the US prior to coming. It has also allowed us to maintain financial support while on the field giving us more time to focus on our ministry in country.