What Does it Take to be a Surgeon in the Congo?


The advanced medical training made possible through the MedSend National Scholars program is a vital tool in the effort to repair the vast global disparity in access to critical medical care. Your financial support means that young national doctors are equipped and available to treat underserved communities, especially in rural and politically unstable areas. National Scholar Dr. Nadine Ndechu, a Congolese native in her first year of surgical residency in Kenya, is grateful to have the opportunity to train and return to her home community to serve those without access to care.  


Meet Dr. Nadine Ndechu 

 “I’m grateful to have been born in a Christian family because we were introduced to prayer, sharing, family values, mutual respect, and safeguarding of our cultural values from an early age,” shares Dr. Ndechu about her upbringing.  “This has enabled me to live with respect for everyone and humility despite what I’ve achieved, knowing that Jesus, endowed with every virtue, made himself small for [us].” 

“Being a surgeon means accepting to be the celestial tool to repair human wickedness [in the form of] bullet wounds, to help in painful circumstances [of disease and emergency care], and to comfort and give hope during [dire circumstances],” she continues. “When we take care of our patients, we can discover how the illness destroys lives, families, friendships, opportunities – and we can see how privileged we are to be at their side.” 


MedSend Provides a Path to Impact 

Dr. Ndechu says that practicing medicine is the fulfillment of her deep need to help people who are suffering. The generosity of our donors makes it possible for her to provide the physical and spiritual help so desperately lacking in conflict-ridden countries like the one where she was raised and plans to return.   

“I want to thank MedSend for this training, which is not only surgical but also spiritual. It takes heart to be a surgeon and to be chosen by God, and because of this calling, I take every opportunity to share my faith with those God puts in my path. I’m so grateful and God bless you all,” she says.

Dr. Ndechu says it gives her great satisfaction to serve the least of these, those who have been wronged and forgotten. She is dedicating her life to serving others in the most beautiful way, a doctor at the service of humanity and not for the usual privileges the profession provides. Will you support young doctors like Nadine Ndechu and choose to give the gift of health and hope through healthcare missions? 



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