Willy Bustinza Farfan
Specialty: General Surgery
Location: Mexico
Call to Missions

My desire to be a missionary and serve in ministry started at a young age working alongside my parents planting a church and starting a school for underserved children in Peru. As a teenager, I felt called to medical missions reading biographies of missionaries working in remote areas of the world. Since then, I committed my life to work among the underserved sharing the light of Jesus through medicine, whether domestically or abroad.

That desire has remained a constant in my life as I continue to serve since 2018 in Hospital Mision Tarahumara in the Copper Canyon of Mexico along with my family as a medical missionary. My wife and I have a long-term commitment to see the salvation of the indigenous people group we serve.

Healthcare Mission Work

I am a general surgeon at Hospital Mision Tarahumara, a mission hospital located in the remote Copper Canyon of Mexico. The Tarahumara are a tribe of 100,000 living spread out in small communities along the canyon. As the terrain is very difficult and there are no roads in between their communities, many of them can only reach the hospital on foot. This leads to a delay in seeking medical care and many premature deaths. My work includes--besides clinical practice at the hospital--training and supervision of Mexican general practitioners and physicians in their social service year.

I am also involved in administration as the chief of medical staff and lab and radiology supervisor. In addition to the above responsibilities, I participate in health outreaches in communities surrounding the hospital. I am also involved with the evangelistic team at the hospital.

Anticipated Impact
  1. Develop a sound hospital administration to include the full integration of a chaplain into clinical practice.
  2. Elevate the standard of care at the hospital by implementing protocols and continuing education for the providers.
  3. Establish a fully integrated medical team that will work alongside the ongoing church planting efforts in the villages surrounding the hospital.