Anon Woman
Ministry Assignment

I am working at an international, secular clinic in the city. Ministry opportunities come in three primary areas: 1) with colleagues (nurses, clinic staff, etc) and patients at the clinic, 2) within our neighborhood and region and 3) through medical support and assistance for colleagues serving in our area (both with our org and with many others, including other foreigners as well as local brothers and sisters). My husband, who is able to receive his visa through my job as a physician, is also studying the language and reaching out through sports in our neighborhood. Sometimes, we have direct opportunities to share. Other times, we are seeking simply to be a light as we live out His loving presence among people who may never before have met a Christian. And other times, we are able to be part of serving and encouraging colleagues, enabling them to stay healthy and effective in their work.



Regarding MedSend

Without the MedSend grant, we may not be in the field today, or would at least have had a 2-3 year delay in arriving to the field. The grant makes it possible to live and work in a city that is a key location for outreach among unreached minority peoples, as well as outreach to the national majority culture, and gives me the financial freedom to be able to invest time in caring for colleagues and others without access to high-quality medical care.