Does God Even Care?

Do you sometimes feel like the world is in a downward spiral? Does bad news, division, and negativity leave you feeling hopeless?

In Compassionate Love, Rick Allen answers the question: Does God care? with a resounding yes. Through compelling stories of medical professionals serving in under-resourced locations around the world, Rick shows us tangible evidence of the love of God for a hurting world.

As followers of Christ, God calls upon us all to go and serve—some locally, some to the foreign mission field. Compassionate Love is a soul-searching and compelling introspection of our own life journey and where God just might be calling us next.

Dr. Lance Plyler
Chief Medical Officer at Samaritan’s Purse

In this amazing book, Rick Allen tells stories that need to be told of ordinary people who, by the grace of God and with love for others, do extraordinary things. What a blessing it is to catch a glimpse of God working to heal hurting people.

Douglas A. Drevets, MD, DTM&H, FIDSA
Regents’ Professor and Chief of Infectious Diseases at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; Chair of MedSend Board of Directors

Reading this book and its individual stories has opened our eyes to the sacrifices made and blessings received in order to deliver the love of God through healthcare in low-resource areas of the world. This is the love of Jesus exhibited in tangible ways—a roadmap for the next generation. It is exciting to be a part of this wonderful journey of love!

Jerre and Mary Joy Stead
CEO of 21 public companies (Jerre), Visionaries and Philanthropists, Founders of Stead Impact Ventures and Foundation

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Stories of Hope

In this book you’ll discover how medical workers can gain access to places others cannot. You’ll feel your faith deepen and your hope lift as you hear their stories of sacrifice, courage, and generosity. You’ll meet surgeons, family medicine physicians, ophthalmologists, and pediatricians who have left the comfort of the familiar to serve in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

These are stories of health, healing, and hope that will uplift, inspire, and open your eyes to God’s blessing. The world may be broken, but there are sparks of light everywhere.

What About You?

This book is about stories—theirs and yours. It will challenge you to reimagine your own mission and calling. You will be encouraged to open your heart to compassion, let God work through you, and in your own unique way—change the world.


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Cathy and Bubba Hoelzer have served in some of the most difficult places in the world. Their story highlights the faithfulness of God even in times of danger and uncertainty.

Rick Allen, CEO of MedSend, is a leading expert on global healthcare delivery in low-resource environments.

He is the creator of The Longevity Project, an innovative MedSend program to protect and support the professional, relational, and spiritual health of healthcare professionals serving in extreme conditions. As chairman and co-founder of the Institute of Global Healthcare Missions (IGHM), he is focused on scaling physician and nurse training programs throughout Africa and Asia to build local capacity in mission hospitals. He convenes an annual gathering of organizations focused on faith-based delivery of global healthcare, and he sits on the advisory board of a large faith-based hospital on the Arabian Peninsula.

Prior to his leadership at MedSend, he spent twenty-five years in the software and services industry and eight years as a pastor of a non-denominational church.

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Praise for Compassionate Love

God is on the move in mission hospitals around the world. You won't see it in the news, and you might not even hear about it at your local church. But I see it happening every day through the talented healthcare missionaries who leave lucrative careers to serve in places you may not be able to find on a map. Their stories are a blessing to us all. In Compassionate Love, Rick draws our attention to some extraordinary Jesus-following doctors who pour out their lives for their patients, their God, and the next generation of healthcare workers in the nations where they serve. This book is a beautiful reminder that God uses His people to bring healing and good news to a hurting world.

Justin Narducci
President and CEO of CURE International Children's Hospitals

You may have a hard time putting this book down! The suspenseful stories of healthcare missionaries that Rick Allen so compellingly shares showcase what our compassionate and loving God does when normal people follow the challenging calling to love others on His behalf. You will find yourself transported into the inner world of those following this call—the excitement of seeing God at work as well as the anguish of facing so many deaths and encountering spiritual questions in the crucible of so much human suffering. Both those who wonder about their own calling and those who support the healthcare mission movement will find inspiration in this book.

Frauke C. Schaefer, MD

Here, presented in captivating narratives, is a display of the power of God in life stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary exploits. Medical missions have always opened frontiers to missions. Modern-day frontiers present extraordinary opportunities for God to pen stories of His people, of whom He is not ashamed. In spite of pain, heartaches, loss, and attacks by the evil one, for these it will be said: 'They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.' Revelation 12:11

Dr. Florence Muindi
Founder and President of Life In Abundance International

At first glance, Compassionate Love by Rick Allen might seem like a book about medicine and medical missions. On the contrary, it is a book about much more. It is the story of a compassionate God making an impact on the lives of people who are destitute, neglected, and discarded in some of the hardest places in the world. It is the story of ordinary men and women who have surrendered their lives to be used by God to make an extraordinary impact through love, compassion, and the gospel. It is also the story of an organization that God has placed at the juncture of these incredible human needs and the men and women who are God’s hands and feet for meeting those needs. This is a book for students of missions and for veteran missionaries. It is for donors and for those who are called to go. It is for pastors and for those in the pew. I highly recommend it.

Joshua Bogunjoko
Former International Director of SIM

Missionary martyr Jim Elliot famously said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” In this wonderful volume, Rick Allen shares the stories of some of this world’s least foolish people. Refusing to be seduced by the enticements of worldly success, they dare to believe that the way of cruciform love marked out by Jesus is truly the path to a life of abundance and significance. Missionaries are my favorite people, and some of my most favorite people are included in this book. Thank God for MedSend who helps make these stories possible, and thank God for Rick Allen, who has shared these stories with you and me.

Stan Key
Minister at Large, OneWay Ministries

I first met Rick Allen at a Medical Missions Summit sponsored by MedSend and CMDA. As we shared stories about medical missionaries and the extreme suffering that some of them face, his pastor's heart was immediately obvious. The stories he tells in this book highlight his considerable abilities and energy in the support of and care for those committed to serving the Lord in medical missions. As is so well illustrated in this book, the result has been the advancement of the kingdom and enriching the lives of those committed to the kingdom. I urge anyone considering a call to serve in healthcare to digest and reflect on the challenges Rick offers.

Jarrett Richardson, MD

There are a few books that have left me with a deep-felt longing to continue absorbing what I've just experienced and what it means for my life. Compassionate Love has been one of those for me. The intimate stories of these healthcare workers, the sacrificial decisions they have been called to make, God's comforting presence in disturbing situations, and the tangible way God has used them to heal both the bodies and the souls of those who suffer, draw me to listen for God's invitation to walk even closer by His side. As a counselor, I've had the opportunity to walk with those in the global healthcare ministry. The stories in this book capture just a glimpse of what God is doing to reach people across the world and in some of the most difficult situations. God's love is steadfast, creative, and continually amazing!

Charlie Schaefer, Ph.D.
Barnabas International