Step into Scripture with MedSend on an unforgettable tour, and watch your Bible come alive!

Dear MedSend friends,

I would like to invite you to join me on a unique trip where you will have the opportunity to walk in the steps of the Apostles Paul and John throughout Greece and Turkey. We will be joined by a significant number of missionaries who are a part of the MedSend Longevity Project. Our leaders and guides are two pastors, Dan McCandles, and Don Logan. Dan is a former PGA golf pro with an MBA. He has been a pastor for the last 25 years. He and his wife Marjie have been leading biblically focused trips for the last decade. Don is a former missionary and is the teaching pastor at Eternal Church in Fort Mill, SC. The trip will take place from April 30 to May 10th, 2025.

We will offer an optional “add-on” trip at the end to visit one of the residency programs that participates in the MedSend National Scholars program. The trip will be to Cairo, Egypt. During this five-day extension we will spend two days viewing some of the sites in and around Cairo, including the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. We will then spend a day meeting with the leadership and the residents of a hospital which is a part of the MedSend National Scholars program.

From Athens and Ephesus to Patmos, this opportunity will enable you to walk the paths of the original apostles with current missionaries representing Christ in an unbroken line from the original 12 to today. Hear how they are being used by God the way that Paul and John were. Their stories of healing and miracles will take you back to the Book of Acts. As with the time of Paul and John there is difficulty and persecution today. You will hear those stories as well!

Please join me on this intimate trip getting to know characters of the Bible in a deeper and richer way, alongside those who are on the front lines, representing Jesus in our world today.

Reserve your spot today.

In Christ,

Rick Allen

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