Education Topics

Plenary Sessions

Lessons Learned in Working with International Partners | Presented by Mathew Santhosh Thomas, MD
Dr. Mathew brings a wealth of experience and insight on India and South Asia, having worked both with EHA and now ICMDA. He will share about the bigger picture of Christian health care in the region, the value of partnerships, and lessons learned through his career of service and leadership.

The Role of Partnership and Networking | Presented by Gisela Schneider, MD, MPH, DTM&H, DRH
Dr. Schneider will speak to the fact that the Coronavirus has shown how interwoven this world is and the realization that we all live in ONE WORLD. She will share that today it is not a matter of bringing medical missions to the South but to seek in partnership with our sisters and brothers around the world, what it means to bring healing ministry to a suffering world, to learn from one another, to bear each other's burdens and to bring healing to those who need it wherever they are.

Training Indigenous Christian Medical Leaders Online | Presented by Peter Saunders, MD
Never before has the confluence of need and opportunity been so evident in medical education of indigenous Christian health workers. Trainers in North America and around the world can reach out to previously unreachable locales and provide content, guidance, and encouragement to national brothers and sisters working in locales where training can be difficult to come by. Dr. Saunders will share about different approaches that he’s observed including webinar series, training tracts, and a family medicine program. He will share how ICMDA has used these approaches to enhance international fellowship, build partnership, enable small group learning, develop language groups and translation teams, assist international communities, promote training of trainers, embrace adult learning techniques, and foster multiplication.

A Living Witness - Christian Healthcare in the Middle East | Presented by Isaam (Sam) Raad, MD
Dr. Raad will discuss the current realities and future trends of healthcare mission work in the Middle East. What opportunities lie ahead? What are the unique challenges of this region? Which workers are best equipped to meet the needs that exist there?

Going Together | Presented by Florence Muindi, MD, MPH
It could not be more relevant. God is calling the global south to partner with the north as co-equals.Coming together is beautiful before God and on it He commands a blessing. Impact becomes inevitable.This has been the foundation and practice of my life calling. Engaging missions as one team for noneshould go without the other. I testify of unified kingdom-focused partnerships that result in co-creatingand co-leading, for His glory. Its time.

Breakout Sessions

Medical Education: A Uniquely Strategic Ministry | Presented by Sharon (Shari) Falkenheimer, MD; Dr. R, MD
Medical education presents unique opportunities for ministry, and is widely recognized as a highly strategic mission endeavor. It addresses what are often tremendous shortages of trained healthcare personnel in two-thirds world communities. It provides an inroads for relationships and discipleship over time with healthcare workers, who are often community influencers. And it helps eliminate the gap that often is left when Western healthcare missionaries depart from their host countries. Dr. R will share about a unique platform that has allowed for a scalable, mostly virtual curriculum that includes family medicine training. Dr. Falkenheimer will explore the availability and impact of healthcare education teaching teams.

Carving a Niche - Strategies for Mission Hospitals in an Increasingly Competitive Landscape (Panel Discussion) | Presented by Florence Muindi, MD, MPH; Isaam (Sam) Raad, MD; Tim Fincher, MD
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Building Spiritual Ministry Capacity in Missionary Healthcare Facilities | Presented by Scott Huett
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Firstfruits and Capstone - Engaging Early and Late Career Health Workers in Mission | Presented by Doug Lindberg, MD
God can and does call His servants into full time vocational mission work at any point in their career. That being said, the window immediately after completing training and the empty nest/ later career phase are two unique points in a healthcare worker’s typical career path where they are usually less encumbered by financial, family, and community commitments. This affords them more flexibility to step into missions work. With this in mind, CMDA is targeting these groups with our new First Fruits and Capstone strategic initiatives. Come and hear about these efforts, and contribute to the discussion with what your organization is doing to engage these groups and mobilize them for Kingdom work.

The State of Healthcare Missions - Working Group for Identifying Trends | Presented by Jim Ritchie, MD
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Why do Healthcare Missionaries seek Member Care? | Presented by Curtis McGowan (GRC); Stan Haegart, MD, MPH (Alongside)
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Western Missions Agencies and National Missionaries - Working Well Together | Presented by SIM
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Research in Healthcare Missions - The Why and the How | Presented by Carlan Wendler, MD; Daniel O'Neill, MD
Research in the field of healthcare missions is underexplored and underreported. While traditional medical evidence and research certainly finds application in the mission hospital or clinic, there are variables that raise questions about how well research done in North America applies to populations in the developing world. Additionally, research on the unique spiritual and psychological components of healthcare missions, both for patients and for healthcare providers, is lacking. Join Drs O’Neil and Wendler in hearing about their efforts to expand the quality, scope, and volume of high-quality research being done by and among healthcare missionaries, and why these efforts are strategic and important.