Medicine is Powerful

Students at Hope Africa

Jim Ritchie, MD, Senior Vice President over MedSend’s Longevity Project, spent 25 years as an emergency medicine doctor in the Navy before retiring and answering the call to be a medical missionary on the continent of Africa. He has practiced medicine in war zones and on the mission field and is acutely aware of what our Grant Recipients and National Scholars face as they practice compassionate healthcare in low-resource environments. 

“In the place where I was practicing, many of the doctors there didn’t want to be doctors when they were growing up. Their families compelled them to be doctors because doctors can make a lot of money, and that really provides opportunity for the entire family,” he reflects. “They are not motivated by compassion; they don’t care whether they take care of someone or not. And yet they are in a position of power.” 

Watch the video below to hear Jim describe what it is like in these vulnerable communities in countries where doctors are not guided by the Hippocratic Oath and ethical, compassionate medical care is hard to find. 



Just like Jesus, healthcare missionaries and National Scholars trained in Christ-centered programs use the power inherent in medicine for the benefit of the vulnerable. On behalf of all our Grant Recipients, National Scholars, and the 5 million lives that have been changed by their dedication to quality compassionate healthcare in the name of Christ, we want to thank you for your financial support!



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Healthcare remains the only form of access as a Christian witness in many countries.

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