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National Scholar Says God is Working Through the National Scholars Program

July 8, 2024

Dr. Armah Toko Wilson, a third-year general surgery resident from Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, says he is a living testimony to how God is working through the National Scholars program. He tells us he has incredible passion for medicine because of the life-transforming changes he and his family have experienced through being mentored and cared…

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Dealing with Trauma on the Field

June 24, 2024

MedSend alum Derek Webber and his family have been on the front lines of healthcare missions for over a decade. In those years of delivering compassionate, whole-person care to under-served patients in hospitals without adequate resources, Derek has had to learn how to keep his eyes focused on Jesus despite the pain he sees daily. …

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June 19, 2024

  Fort Mill, SC – As part of its commitment to the emotional, spiritual, and relational health of global healthcare missionaries MedSend recently convened the first Global Member Care Forum from June 11-13 in Charlotte, NC. The forum focused on bringing together mission sending organizations that send and support global healthcare missionaries to discuss models…

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Dr. Shikuku Wants To Go Where Children Need Care

June 17, 2024

“MedSend… sponsor[ed] my residency and general orthopedics training in Kenya. I’d like to continue to extend just a huge thank you for making this possible. Not just the residency but also the fellowship that I’ve started. [The National Scholars Program] is a great way to reach out to many people who wouldn’t have otherwise been…

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Book Sneak Peek: Stephen and Joy Yoon – Something Impossible

June 11, 2024

    Stephen and Joy Yoon Something Impossible   North Korea was not a country Stephen had ever considered. All his life he’d been taught that North Koreans were horrible, scary, even evil. In elementary school, North Koreans were depicted in their textbooks drawn with horns and tails. Stephen could not fathom North Korea as…

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See How MedSend is Making a Difference

June 3, 2024

The advanced surgical training National Scholars receive from Grant Recipients and our partner organizations makes a real, tangible impact on the lives of patients today that transforms their futures. Your financial support of MedSend makes it possible for children like those in this video to live with renewed health and the knowledge that God sees…

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What Does it Take to be a Surgeon in the Congo?

May 20, 2024

The advanced medical training made possible through the MedSend National Scholars program is a vital tool in the effort to repair the vast global disparity in access to critical medical care. Your financial support means that young national doctors are equipped and available to treat underserved communities, especially in rural and politically unstable areas. National…

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Podcast Episode Featuring MedSend CEO Rick Allen

May 16, 2024

  Missions Today is a 26-minute weekly program hosted by Christian radio veteran Collin Lambert that brings to life the stories and profiles of leaders on the front lines of global missions work. Click Here for a special episode featuring MedSend CEO Rick Allen!     ___________________ We are grateful for our compassionate family of…

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Announcing the Publication of MedSend’s New Book

April 30, 2024

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   April 30, 2024  Announcing the Publication of Compassionate Love: How God is Blessing a Hurting World  Fort Mill, SC – Rick Allen is thrilled to announce the release of Compassionate Love: How God is Blessing a Hurting World, a collection of extraordinary stories of medical professionals serving in under-resourced locations around…

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“We are able to be here, caring for others, because of you.” 

April 22, 2024

MedSend Grant Recipient GL and her husband, MedSend Alum JL, serve in a closed Asian country providing medical care and sharing the love of Jesus in areas with severe lack of access to both. They focus their ministry on rural communities that are typically resistant to the Gospel. Recently, GL shared two experiences on the…

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