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Meet MedSend Grant Recipient Amie Bockstahler, RN

It is a marvel how people can live and survive in some of the bleakest environments. In these places, poverty relentlessly devours hope and life until nothing is left but hollow emptiness. But God: He is sending highly skilled professionals to provide comfort and healing. One such professional is Amie Bockstahler, a MedSend grant recipient and nurse. She works in Guatemala City, where people live in communities surrounding one of the largest garbage dumps in Central America. 

“Thousands of people live there and try to make ends meet off of things that come out of the garbage dump,” she shares. “Whether it’s by going to the dump to sort through the trash, helping sort garbage, or using the garbage to sell or use in some way to sustain their life. I serve at a clinic called Corazon de Amor. It is in one of the communities surrounding the garbage dump. I’m regularly overwhelmed by smiles that can often cover up so much hopelessness and despair. Many patients carry heavy burdens when they enter our clinic. There is no medicine that will help them except for the healing love of Jesus. And while I feel there is so little that I can do, it is a privilege to be there, offer a listening ear, pray with patients, and share Christ’s love with them, and just treat them with respect and offer them my time.” 


Hope for Baby Rosita

Recently, Amie learned of a baby living in a small village around Antigua suffering from malnutrition due to a cleft lip and palate. Baby Rosita’s family did not have the resources to help her. Amie connected them to a beautiful place in Antigua that can provide special nursing bottles, formula, and even perform her surgical repairs when she is old enough.

“From the time I first heard about Rosita to now, she has improved so, so much!,” she told us. “Two months ago, she was underweight and malnourished, and little by little, she is gaining weight and is much healthier! I had the opportunity to visit the family and learned that it takes them an hour and a half to walk to the appointments and the same amount to walk back home…They are now connected with a wonderful Guatemalan family serving in their community [who] help with transportation to doctor appointments whenever possible!” 


Give the Gift of Hope This Christmas

Your gift has enabled Amie to stay in Guatemala City and to serve families like Rosita’s. Amie often speaks of how the hopelessness around her can feel suffocating. However, she sees the work that God is doing in the desolation and daily decides to ENGAGE, bringing the love and healing of Jesus to each person she encounters. 


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